Injuries and illnesses are unplanned by nature, and we understand the uncertainty and discomfort. Below are some frequently asked questions with brief answers. Should you have more concerns, please see our Contact Us page.


When is Oneonta State Emergency Squad in service?

Oneonta State Emergency Squad is in service 24/7 during the academic year and follows the SUNY Oneonta Residence Hall Closing Schedule.

How do I call for OSES? What happens if I call 911?

Dial 9-1-1 from a Campus Phone or dial 607-436-3550 from a cell phone,
and explain to the dispatcher the nature of your emergency . If you dial 9-1-1 from a non-campus phone, you will be connected with Otsego County 9-1-1. Simply request OSES and and explain to the dispatcher the nature of your emergency. Otsego County will dispatch us, along with an Oneonta Fire Department Ambulance Crew to your location.

Do I have to be on campus to call OSES?

Yes. Typically, with few exceptions, OSES can only respond to emergencies that happen on the SUNY Oneonta Campus. In severe mass casualty events, we can respond outside of the school, but only at the request of the organization who’s jurisdiction you are in. Additionally, we do have a presence at events like OH-Fest and other community based events where a large student population is in attendance.

What happens if I am under age and have been drinking and feel the need to call OSES? What if I need to call OSES for an underage friend that has been drinking?

When you call OSES, anything you say to us related to your care is held strictly confidential. What this means is that if you have consumed alcohol while underage or have used an illicit substance, by law we cannot pass this information on to University Police… or anyone outside of our crew. In addition to these laws, there is the Good Samaritan Law, which allows people to call University Police without fear of arrest if they are having a drug or alcohol overdose that requires emergency medical care or if they witness someone overdosing.

SUNY Oneonta administratively also has a similar policy, which can be found here.

What happens if OSES is called and I need to go to the hospital? Which hospital will I go to?

If you are evaluated by OSES and it is determined you need to go to the hospital, or you simply want to go and have a more through evaluation, the on-duty crew will contact Oneonta Fire Department and have an ambulance meet you at your current location.

Typically, you will be taken to A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital, or Cooperstown Medical Center (the designated Trauma III center for our region) depending on what problem you are presenting with.

I feel sick, I don’t want to call the ambulance and health services is closed, where should I go?

Oneonta State Emergency Squad is a fully staffed basic life support 9-1-1 first response agency. We are prepared to handle all serious and life-threatening injuries. We are more than happy to transport any patient who requests an ambulance. If you do not think you need an ambulance, there are a variety of nearby walk-in clinics in the Town of Oneonta.