In episodes of cardiac arrest, time is paramount. Victims need immediate CPR and immediate defibrillation. While EMS providers and many public safety first responders are well equipped to manage these scenarios, we depend on citizens to provide simple but crucial early CPR intervention. While the SUNY Oneonta community is fortunate to have response times significantly below the national average, we strongly encourage all members of our community to become CPR certified and grow familiar with AED operations. There are many individuals in our community who owe their lives to quick and competent initiation of CPR and defibrilliation, several of whom were resuscitated with SUNY Oneonta’s public access AEDs.

Every year, The Oneonta State Emergency Squad trains students in CPR and defibrillation at no cost. For those interested in gaining certification in CPR (BLS or CPR & AED), The Oneonta State Emergency Squad regularly hosts classes. Please contact us if you’d like to arrange for a class for your group.


This class is best suited for individuals in the healthcare field who require a professional level certification. Medical providers, life guards, child care providers, and those of similar professions generally require this more advanced class which covers CPR/AED and airway management training. The cost of this class is $25/student.

HeartSaver CPR & AED

This class is best suited for layperson credentialing, those who are interested in being prepared for potential of a bystander CPR episode but are not mandated to have the training for their work. This class covers basic CPR proficiency and AED operation to give any individual the knowledge and skills to effectively assist in resuscitation. The cost of this class is $15/student.