The Oneonta State Emergency Squad is a professional, volunteer student-run first response service at SUNY Oneonta. We are a Basic Life Support, First Response Unit that responds to all medical emergencies on campus. Along with emergency service to Oneonta State, we also cover many special events, concerts, and other SUNY activities. We belong to the National Collegiate EMS Foundation and annually send members to their conference.

The Oneonta State Emergency Squad has been active since 1992 (originally called SMRT or the Student Medical Response Team.) As a volunteer organization, we have seen a continual growth in numbers as well as increased responsibilities here at SUNY Oneonta. We work closely with the Oneonta Fire Department, University Police and the campus Health and Wellness Center.

We generally run seven days a week. Currently OSES has about 60 members and 20 Emergency Medical Technicians. Each year we give the opportunity for additional members to take the EMT course and become certified.

Every other Sunday we hold a General Meeting for members. Because communication is a vital part of the squad, we try to have all members present at these meetings. Meetings begin promptly at 7pm, and generally last up to an hour. During this time members will receive any new information regarding changes in policies, and updates as well as have the opportunity to do basic in-house training.